Sunday, December 18, 2011

Un-FIT for Purpose

Another epic fail spotted today on our travels.

This was taken at 10.25 in the morning today... Where's the Sun in this picture, children?
Yep, that's right... it's at right angles to the solar array that some PV company has talked these folks into installing on an almost west facing (250 degrees) roof with the promise of massive returns on investment in the rush to beat the FIT rate downgrade last week.

This array was installed back in early November, just after the announcement that the rates were being slashed to 21p per kWh.

The one thing that should be applauded from the "rent-a-roof" PV mob is that they never agree to install on a east-west roof because you just don't make the money on such an array...

Other companies are happy to take your cash and install wherever they can.  The fact that it will take 20 years to pay back instead of 10 isn't their problem.

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