Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bad Installs

As PV has been more about a "rush for gold" than producing useful energy, sometimes the allure of adverts and salesmen promising future returns of 10-15% in exchange for £10,000 of your hard earned cash today has lead to some questionable installs.

What's wrong with these installs, anybody?

Can't see the PV for the trees...
This one doesn't look so bad...
But what's that on the roof in the middle of the array?
So when the trees aren't shading the array in the afternoon, the sewer vent is shading part of it all day. They've installed the worlds most expensive sun dial...  At least the pipe will cast its shadow in the gap between the panels at 1pm (high solar noon in BST time) for the maximum power.  It will just reduce power output from the panels left and right of it from dawn to 12.55 and from 13.05 to sunset.

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