Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Mobile 170Wp Array

Starting to deploy the new panels I bought... :D

First up is replacing the old 12Wp panels on my mobile array.

Which now looks like this...
The panels are mounted high on the frame so that they aren't shaded by plants growing up at the base or by long shadows from other plant pots on the path.
This new array points W-SW, so that it starts to come into prime generation when parts of the main S facing array are beginning to be shaded by the neighbours conservatory and the garden fence. For now, the other 48Wp Topray array is still on the lawn but now pointing SE to catch the early morning light. The 30Wp plastic pair of Topray panels has been disconnected and I'll probably sell them at a car boot.

To accommodate the extra power generation, I doubled the feed wires (up to about 2.6mmsq).  I've also ordered some proper MC4 waterproof connectors.  I'm beginning to collect the materials that will be needed to install some of the panels on the roof, where it will be too dangerous to be messing about with chockblock connectors.  Much easier just to plug the modules together.  I'll also have to buy some proper solar cable that can stand the weather for a long time.

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