Current Production Stats

BDPV is a French PV data collection site.  I manually enter daily generation data into the site and it creates this graph of the current year production against the previous year for comparison.
Each time you visit this page, the graph is rebuilt from the data, so you can see it change over time.

You can click on it for a bigger view.

As my solar system is off grid, the term "generation" is slightly different from those who have grid tied solar systems.  In a grid tied system all the sunlight converted to electricity by the solar panels is converted to AC power and either used in the home or exported to the grid.  So their generation figures are only limited by sunlight as all the energy goes somewhere.

Off grid "generation" only measures the energy used in the home (as it can't be exported to the grid).  The kWh meter only records AC power used to work things in the house, taking power from the solar panels only if the loads are turned on.  If you go out for the day and turn everything off, then the energy from the solar panels only goes to the battery and your generated AC energy consumption is very low.  You can see that in January 2012 there was zero generation.  This was because we were visiting family in Japan for the whole month and the solar system was turned off completely. The rest of the solar energy that is available when the battery is full has nowhere to go and so is "wasted" (not collected, stored or used).

My system can divert some of this spare solar electricity to the hot water tank immersion heater, to act as a sort of secondary thermal "battery" that charges up after the electrical battery is full.  This saves me the gas that would otherwise be used to heat the water with the central heating boiler.

With the system I have now, I can make about 80% of all the electricity I need from March onwards.  The other 20%  is consumed from the mains by loads that I can't run from the solar inverter, mostly because the loads are more than 3kW in size (the capacity of the inverter).  These are things like the cooker and the instant water heating electric shower.